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Insurance Claims

Hail damage to vinyl siding rapid city sd weather tite exteriors


Call Weather-tite - We handle the WHOLE claim. For no charge or obligation, we will come and inspect your entire property. It’s important to call us first, as we can advise you what you might be dealing with BEFORE you file a claim – and potentially save you from a zero-dollar or low-coverage claim, which still affects your insurability (and usually your rates). If the damage is minimal, we can just repair it quickly without the need to involve your insurance company.


File your claim - We will help you make the call. You have to be careful to articulate the type of loss and when it happened correctly, otherwise it may affect your coverage. Claims department call center reps are trained to ask very specific questions about events pertaining to a loss and will categorize your claim according to what you tell them during your call. The representative will ask about the type of damage to the house and when the damage occurred.


We will meet with your adjuster. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect and assess the damage to your property, and determine the value of your compensation. It is important to have an advocate by your side who can speak the language, and make sure nothing gets missed or overlooked. This ensures everyone is on the same page right away, and can save a LOT of time, stress, and paperwork, – and often further damage.


We will work with your insurance company. We will be on your side as we work with insurance company to find an agreement on the scope of work needed and the amount it will cost.


You and your Project manager will decide on replacement materials. Depending on the scope of the project, you and your project manger may decide it is a good time to change things up or replace with a higher quality material. Keep in mind with South Dakota weather, extreme weather is not a rare occurrence. We always recommend replacing with the best quality product you can afford so you wont' have to see us more often.


Work is complete. Once all work is complete, we will send in closeout paperwork to your insurance company for you. Invoices, lien waivers, building permits, certificates of completion, photos, and other information may be required depending on the complexity of the claim. This step is crucial to ensure you receive your entire final payment

“As insurance carrier’s profits continue to shrink, the need for advocating on behalf of policyholders continues grow. … Insurance carriers hire expert adjusters to represent their best interests. Policyholders should do the same. Also, 95% of all insurance claims filed are $18,000.00 or less. Smaller claims are typically handled by more inexperienced adjusters as there is less money at stake for the insurance company. Make sure that your largest investment is in the right hands”

On average, we work on over 300 claims a year.

We work with nearly every insurance company in the area, and have good rapport with most of the local and regional adjusters and storm damage experts. We know what they look for and what they need to see to get you compensated fairly.  Our goal is to restore your property to pre-storm condition, and find ways to make sure it doesn’t get damaged again!