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Frequently Asked Questions

My insurance told me to get estimates.

I’m not sure why they would want an estimate before they specify what repairs they would agree to. That’s like asking a waiter what your bill will be before you’ve even ordered your meal. You should read this article from our Learning Center.

Why do you need a down payment?

There’s a mutual element of trust in every business transaction. But everyone has some skin in the game. At the time we complete your project, whether one day or several months, we will be much more invested in you than you are in us. A deposit ensures that you are serious about proceeding so that we can keep a place for you on our list, and that you will be able to pay your final bill once the project is complete. The level of deposit we will accept depends on several factors. Certain materials we order are special order and cannot be returned. Many projects have a long duration, and we need to be able to keep paying bills and payroll every week. Sometimes there is a lengthy payment process, such as when a mortgage company and/or insurance company is involved. They will require paperwork and often third party inspections before they release payments.

We are a small business, not a bank.  So down payments help build trust while also allowing us to keep our lights on and focus on providing the best customer experience there is.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

On paper we have a 10 year workmanship warranty for residential projects. But when you choose to work with us, you become a part of what we call the “Weather-Tite family”, and you will always be a valued member. This is free and included with every project. We have an annual family picnic, occasional giveaways / events, and other fun ways to stay in touch so that you don’t forget who we are and you come to us if you ever have any issues with your home’s exterior. Family’s forever. You always take care of family.

Do you have references?

Tons. But why take our word for it? If you are asking somebody for references, then you do not know them very well. Anybody can put their friends names on a piece of paper, or the few jobs they actually did well. But these days we have better ways of finding true, verified, unbiased information to help us know who to trust. Whether buying a toaster or remodeling your entire home, online reviews can help us weed through the advertisements and find reputable companies to do business with. Google and BBB are good sources of unbiased and verified information. But we do have a list should you want it. 

Do you work on Mobile or Modular Homes?

Our licensing, manufacturer certifications, and all of our team training is based upon IRC building codes and traditional stick built home construction. We don’t currently take on projects on mobile, manufactured, or modular homes. They are built in custom way by a manufacturer often in a different part of the country where available materials are different, in a controlled setting and not to a universal set of instructions designed for out in the field. It is a different set of products and conditions than what we have trained for and have experience in, and it is not our expertise. There are many similarities, but we have run in to enough surprise situations that we have learned to admit it is out of our wheelhouse.

How do you fight insurance companies?

As a contractor, we advocate for the best and most thorough repairs. We illustrate to your adjuster from a contractors point of view why a certain repair is needed or justified in order to be thorough/warrantable and to return your property to “pre-storm condition” using “like kind and quality” materials. However, as a contractor, we are legally limited to our opinion and that of building codes and material manufacturers. Read more in our Learning Center.