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recycled plastic infographic one ton of recycled plastic equals four barrels of oil and seven point four cubic yards of landfill space saved

Construction doesn’t need to be wasteful. Weather-Tite’s teams generate an average of 8 tons of construction waste every day. So finding ways to keeping this waste from the landfill is a crucial goal for us.


We diverted over 450,000 lbs of debris from the local landfill in 2019. That’s over 60,000 cubic feet of material!


For every project contracted with Weather-Tite a tree is planted in your name in a key region of the globe affected by recent fires or overlogging.

large gray house with gray roofing and white trim and stone base and malarkey shingles logo in the bottom left corner


The average roof made with these shingles contains 5 tires and 350 milk jugs, which are up-cycled into the premium base polymers and resins used in making their industry-leading asphalt shingles.

Trex Deck deck builder Rapid City SD Weather Tite Exteriors


95% recycled material: mostly shopping bags and sawdust from furniture factories. Trex is one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S. Saves 400 million pounds of plastic film and wood from landfills.

light gray stone home with black roofing and white trim and euroshield logo in the bottom left Rapid City SD Weather Tite Exteriors


Euroshield contains approximately 95% recycled content. An average roof save 400-600 tires from the dump!

Did you know recycling doesn’t only apply to the new materials… At Weather-Tite we are able to recycle your old shingles! For a small fee we can send them to a processing plant to turn them back into asphalt. We always do our best to recycle any steel, aluminum and metal parts. We can even reuse old concrete as a clean fill for other projects. Even your vinyl siding can be made into other products! If there is a way to keep it from our landfill – here at Weather-Tite we are all about it!

Using these Malarkey shingles is the equivalent of planting two trees.